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The backlog management web site is a tool implemented with the purpose to provide easy understanding of the activity recorded on the trackers. Access to FIWARE Backlog Management Web Site at http://backlog.fiware.org

FIWARE Backlog tool

Figure 4.8: FIWARE Backlog tool.

At FIWARE we are looking to be sensitive to several sources demanding both reactive and proactive working modes. Therefore, the Backlog Management web site has been arranged accordingly.

FIWARE Backlog, urgent desk management

Figure 4.9: FIWARE Backlog, urgent desk management.

Important thing in the Backlog tool is the Urgent Desk and Help Desk option in the menu. The Urgent Desk is an important tool since it allows to create common awareness on issues with time-sensitive fields such as issues’ deadlines, priorities and status. To meet this objective, it collects all items in the trackers with relevant deadlines, priorities and status to display them in the desk. Additionally, the Help Desk is also a key tool in supporting the end users. It is implemented by adding email lists connected to JIRA. The Backlog Web Site also helps by providing meaningful views for the different channels and actors.

FIWARE Backlog, Help-Desk evolution

Figure 4.10: FIWARE Backlog, Help-Desk evolution.

Last but not least, each channel has its corresponding view in the tracker and backlog web site. Two key channels from the technical point of view are:

  • fiware-lab-help help desk view of the channel devoted to incoming issues to be solved in FIWARE Lab.
  • fiware-tech-help help desk view of the channel devoted to incoming issues to be solved in Generic Enabler Implementations.

Both channels are analysed every day by the L1 HELP-Desk support team in order to assign correctly the tickets that we receive to the owners and resolve it in time in order to complete the requirements of the FIWARE Lab node SLA levels.

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