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Open Data Open API specification

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Legal Notice

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CKAN has a powerful API which exposes the core logic actions in CKAN. As such is it intended for developers who want to integrate their systems with CKAN on a very granular level.

Intended Audience

The intended audience for the CKAN API are developers who want to interact with a CKAN instance from their software or site. It is therefore mostly used for integration with other systems.

API General Features

The API is designed to replicate everything one can do with the website as an API endpoint (although there is a configuration which by default does not allow registration of users via the API, only the web site). The endpoints expose a more granular interface so it is possible to get access and interact with actions which would normally be only a part of a website.

The CKAN API is built up as an RPC-style API exposing the core features via HTTP POST and GET actions with JSON bodies.

For more details about the CKAN API, please refer to the official documentation

API Specification

The API endpoints mostly expose the actions in CKAN. These follow the same techniques as the logic function in the CKAN code. It can be broken down into a domain (in most cases ckan.logic.action</code) followed by the HTTP method to use, followed by the method.

So for example, a core function called <code>ckan.logic.action.get.package_list exposes a package_list API endpoint which accepts a HTTP GET request at: http://instance.ckan.example/api/3/action/package_list

For a more detailed list about what actions are provided by the CKAN API, please refer to the official documentation.

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