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Campus Party Brazil (CPBR) 2015 hackathon - FIWARE Forge Wiki

Campus Party Brazil (CPBR) 2015 hackathon

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This page will contain valuable information for developers running the FIWARE hackathon at Campus Party Brazil 2015 (CPBR 2015). Stay tuned and double-check from time to time.


Coaches contact info

  • Fermín Galán (expert in Orion Context Broker): twitter: @fermingalan , email: fermin.galanmarquez at telefonica.com
  • Carlos Ralli (expert in IoT Agent): twitter: @carlosralli
  • Daniel Morán (expert in IoT Agent): email: daniel.moranjimenez at telefonica.com

Important info about freeboard

If you plan to use freeboard connecting it to an Orion instance different from the one installed at hackfest.testbed.fiware.org (including eidas4.testbed.fiware.org or a private instance running in you own VM), contact with Fermín (you will need to install a Orion version RPM not yet released in yum repository).

Useful references (documents & helping tools)


IMPORTANT NOTE: there is a typo in the diagram. The right name for the "eidas4" VM is eidas4.lab.fi-ware.org. In addition take into account that during this hackathon you can also use the port 10026 (which doesn't require authentication).

Update (02/06, morning): we have installed Rush in hackfest.fiware.org, in order make easy integration with Wirecloud GEri.

The following diagram shows the setup including the Orion Context Broker and IoT Agent instances available during the hackathon.

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