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Communication Collaboration and Dissemination - FIWARE Forge Wiki

Communication Collaboration and Dissemination

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  • FI-WARE delivers a FutureInternet OS-like platform making easier and faster Vertical applications development.
  • The FI-WARE product itself and other outcomes evolve during the project lifetime, shaping our communication plan roadmap.


Communication Targets & Implementation

  • As a technical research initiative, EU and global experts on Cloud, Data/Context management, Internet of Things, Applications delivery, interfaces to networks and devices and security are an essential part of our target audience too as described in our Dissemination activities (Scientific papers and pannels, articles, book chapters, events, training materials, tutorials ...).
  • Such an ambitious goal as we set is only affordable by the means of Collaboration activities, which means FI-WARE leading and coordinating the cooperation with the FI-PPP Use-case projects and other initiatives beyond the FI-PPP scope.
  • As the core of the FI-PPP, mobilizing key EU stakeholders, the project will collaborate, provide outcomes and influence Standardization bodies (SDOs) and market and policy frameworks. Relevant actions on this side are described at Communication activities (Press releases, interviews,newsletters ... ).
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