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Current Supported Features and Roadmap in FIWARE - FIWARE Forge Wiki

Current Supported Features and Roadmap in FIWARE

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This page and contents of the FIWARE Roadmap are periodically updated

This section of the FIWARE wiki brings information about current supported features and roadmap of products working as FIWARE GE reference implementations (GEris). For each of the FIWARE GEris, the list of features supported in the current release is provided, together with a description of features planned in future releases. Please check the Releases and Sprints numbering, with mapping to calendar dates for further information.

it is important to mention that most (if not all) of the Generic Enabler implementations are based on existing baseline assets (open source or proprietary), actively developed and promoted by the corresponding companies. Each company has done internal analysis of requirements and priorities for each of the technologies, based on their business needs and the needs of their customers. The goal of FIWARE is to develop these assets even further, to integrate them together to form a coherent platform, and to offer them to the FIWARE ecosystem, for the benefit of the community.

FIWARE GEris are classified into the following FIWARE Technical Chapters:

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