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D.1.1.3 FI-WARE Project Management Handbook - FIWARE Forge Wiki

D.1.1.3 FI-WARE Project Management Handbook

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Private Public Partnership Project (PPP)
Large-scale Integrated Project (IP)


D.1.1.3: FI-WARE Project Management Handbook

Project acronym: FI-WARE
Project full title: Future Internet Core Platform
Contract No.: 285248
Strategic Objective: FI.ICT-2011.1.7 Technology foundation: Future Internet Core Platform
Project Document Number: ICT-2011-FI-285248-WP1-D.1.1.3
Project Document Date: 2013-04-30
Deliverable Type and Security: Public
Author: FI-WARE Consortium
Contributors: FI-WARE Consortium

Executive Summary

This document concentrates all the manuals created in the context of FI-WARE to provide guidelines to the actors that need to know how to work and interact with others. This is information is publicly available from the FI-WARE wiki .

About This Document

This deliverable provides the tutorials and guidelines publicly available that have driven the work of the FI-WARE team and the interaction with the Use Cases.

This set of manuals are a live document in constant evolution. This means that the tutorials are dynamically changed to adapt to the changes agreed in the FI-WARE ecosystem.

Intended Audience

The document targets all the people interested in interacting with FI-WARE in general and also those who belong to the FI-WARE project team.

Structure of this Document

The document is generated out of a set of documents provided in fi-ware wiki. For the current version of the documents, please visit the wiki at http://wiki.fi-ware.eu/.

The following resources were used to generate this document:

D.1.1.3 FI-WARE Project Management Handbook
FIWARE Agile Development Methodology
How to create a FusionForge account
How to join the mailing lists
How to join a FI-WARE project in FusionForge
How to follow-up a tracker in FusionForge
How to ask questions or provide feedback to the FI-WARE team
How to upload the full description of requested new Themes/Epics/Features to the Wiki
How to request for the addition of new Themes/Epics/Features in the FI-WARE Backlog
How to share documents with the FusionForge docman system
How to prepare presentations and ... spread the word !!
How to assign identifiers to FI-WARE Backlog entries (convention to follow)
Releases and Sprints numbering
How to upload the full description of backlog entries to the Wiki
How to create and configure trackers in FusionForge
How to create entries in the "Backlog Management" Tracker of a FI-WARE Chapter
How to describe assets adopted as baseline for development of FI-WARE GE reference implementations
How to create recipes for the GEs
How to handle FI-WARE Theme/Epic/Feature requests issued by UC projects
Useful document templates
How to create pdf deliverables from wiki pages
How to add a partner to the wiki
Mediawiki Plugins available
How to install FMC stencils in yEd
How to apply the FI-WARE Web Style to portal pages
Working with the FI-WARE catalogue

Typographical Conventions

Starting with October 2012 the FI-WARE project improved the quality and streamlined the submission process for deliverables, generated out of our wikis. The project is currently working on the migration of as many deliverables as possible towards the new system.

This document is rendered with semi-automatic scripts out of a MediaWiki system operated by the FI-WARE consortium.

Links within this document

The links within this document point towards the wiki where the content was rendered from. You can browse these links in order to find the "current" status of the particular content.

Due to technical reasons part of the links contained in the deliverables generated from wiki pages cannot be rendered to fully working links. This happens for instance when a wiki page references a section within the same wiki page (but there are other cases). In such scenarios we preserve a link for readability purposes but this points to an explanatory page, not the original target page.

In such cases where you find links that do not actually point to the original location, we encourage you to visit the source pages to get all the source information in its original form. Most of the links are however correct and this impacts a small fraction of those in our deliverables.


Figures are mainly inserted within the wiki as the following one:


Only if the wiki-page uses this format, the related caption is applied on the printed document. As currently this format is not used consistently within the wiki, please understand that the rendered pages have different caption layouts and different caption formats in general. Due to technical reasons the caption can't be numbered automatically.

Sample software code

Sample API-calls may be inserted like the following one.



The current document has been elaborated using a number of collaborative tools, with the participation of Working Package Leaders and Architects as well as those partners in their teams they have decided to involve; IBM, Intel, Technicolor, Telefonica.

Keyword list

FI-WARE, PPP, Architecture Board, Steering Board, Roadmap, Reference Architecture, Generic Enabler, Open Specifications, I2ND, Cloud, IoT, Data/Context Management, Applications/Services Ecosystem, Delivery Framework , Security, Developers Community and Tools , ICT, es.Internet, Latin American Platforms, Cloud Edge, Cloud Proxy.

Changes History

Release Major changes description Date Editor
v0 First draft of deliverable submission generated 2013-04-22 TID

Table of Contents

FIWARE WIKI editorial remark:
In the final deliverable, somebody would include the TOC here
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