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Name ObservationService Chapter [[:Category:Data/Context Management, Cloud_Hosting|Data/Context Management, Cloud_Hosting]][[Category:Data/Context Management, Cloud_HostingEpic]]
Goal Service capable of storing, managing, and returning observations corresponding to a given query
Description As a scientist, decision maker or a company working in Environmental UA, I need a service that will accept new observations, store them (permanently or for a while), and return a list of observations corresponding to certain criteria when required.
Rationale This is a basic service required for ObservationWeb; ENVIROFI would not be able to do the required work without a service of this type.

The standardized interface and reference implementation(s) a baseline service performing these tasks already exist; the name is "OGC Sensor Observation Service". ENVIROFI will use this as a starting point for our own developments, and we do not expect any help from FI-Ware here.


  1. This type of functionality may be also interesting for other FI-PPP UA projects. ENVIROFI can provide reference implementations of SOS "as is" to these projects. However, we do not foresee any project-specific extensions or improvements for other projects (tbd).
  2. We see a potential for improving the functionality of this service in conjuction with FI-Ware GEs - in particular in conjustion with CloudHosting GEs (including the Cloud_Hosting#Object_Storage.
  3. SOS is one of the basic data provision services in Environmental UA; we need to make sure Data/Context Management GEs can be fed with SOS data, and also to provide results through SOS if appropriate. Our expectation is that FI-Ware will provide this compatibility layer.
  4. Likewise, we will need to assure the security GEs can be applied on SOS; and also to see how it can fit into Services_Ecosystem_and_Delivery_Framework#Marketplace. It is currently unclear to us (ENVIROFI) how much effort this would require, and we find it difficult to understand weather this can be done within a scope and budget of ENVIROFI or not (tbd)
  5. Finally, there may be an overlap between Sensor Web Enablement and IoT enablement - please check and come back to us with the findings to see how to handle this.
 Request to FI-Ware:
 Please assure this Environmental SE fits into FI-Ware architecture
 Contact us in case this finctionality is universally needed.
 More specific requests (see list above) shall be posted as Features	
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