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FI-Health is an end-to-end testing tool that ensures that the OpenStack integrated components is working as expected. Each of the FIWARE Lab node is tested in a real-world scenario using the OpenStack Rest API provided by the federated Keystone service endpoints. The idea behind these tests is to provide end-to-end testing of the FIWARE Cloud Portal to test whether the flow of the application is performing as designed from start to finish. The purpose of carrying out these end-to-end tests is to identify OpenStack services problems before or at the same time that the users can observe those problems in the FIWARE Cloud Portal. Therefore, FI-Health is the key component to provide quality of service in the FIWARE Cloud environment.

Sanity Check tool

Figure 4.2: Sanity Check tool.

You can obtain more information about the component by accessing the FIWARE Health GitHub repository. Note that if you want to increase or improve this tool you can suggest new issues in this GitHub repository.

Additionally, you can install and check this tool to check locally your FIWARE Lab node. In that case, you should follow the indications in the FIWARE Health Dashboard readme and FIWARE Health Sanity Checks readme.

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