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Name 3DWorldPluginSet Chapter WebUI
Goal Provide a set of FiVES plugins that implements functionality to create synchronized 3D virtual environments
Description FiVES runs on a generic data model that is automatically synchronized between clients. This model is extended by sets of plugins, that introduce application domain specific data structures.

There are requirements for applications in the scope of shared virtual worlds that come up for many different applications, such as expressing and updating positions in 3D space, referencing 3D assets or managing animated 3D avatars of connected users.

The goal of this epic is to provide a base set of commonly used plugins for FiVES that can be used to easily create new 3D Virtual World applications.

Rationale Synchronized 3D environments share a set of commonly used functionality. Providing this functionality as a number of plugins allow to easily configure different applications without the need to recompile code
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