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Name Points of Interest Data Provider Chapter WebUI
Goal Provide an extensible and standardized format for describing Points of Interest (POI) as well as services interfaces to query them using various way from various sources.
Description Current AR standardization efforts involve the notion of POIs as active 2D/3D areas that users can at least click on or interact with in other ways. They at least link to other resources (URLs) but sometimes also involve active content in the sense of full 3D in the context of the 3D_UI epic. As part of this epic it should be evaluated how POIs map to or augment 2D/3D UI components and how other standards should/can be supported within this GE. It also needs to cover the query and retrieval aspects for POIs (in whatever format) based on information such as current location and viewing direction, time, user interest and relevance, etc. This aspect might also relate to other GEs such as user recommendations and such.
Rationale Existing POI data formats leave room for improvement. Needs including ease of use, support for multi-language texts, controlled extensibility, and usability via narrow bandwidth connections are not well met with available POI systems. Moreover, quickly setting up a service that augments existing POI data with additional data would be useful. The project targets to a lightweight solution that in addition to traditional POI features addresses these needs.
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