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Name DataflowProcessing Chapter WebUI
Goal Separate scene structure from scene data and provide declarative dataflow interface for operations on data
Description The approach should clearly separate the 3D scene structure from the scene data (vertex attributes, textures, shader parameter). The interface to the scene data should be generic, allowing it to come from the local document, external HTML documents, other external formats, as well as from external services (via push and pull services). The approach should support highly dynamic changes to the scene using a similar declarative approach.

A key aspect of 3D scenes is the description of its surface (and volume) properties, flexibly describing the material properties that define the look through the emission and scattering of light, where the dataflow processing aspect should be used to also cover requirements of typical shader programming. The rendering of the 3D scene needs to be fast and have predictable quality that is controllable by the scene designer, potentially overridden by the user agent (similar to CSS).

Rationale Scene data should be separated from scene structure. The implementation should provide a declarative interface for efficient computation with predictable quality.
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