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Name CloudRendering Chapter WebUI
Goal Enable rendering of the dynamic user interface on the cloud with results and input events streamed between the client and the server.
Description In some cases it may be impossible, inconvenient, or not allowed to transmit and render the user interface content on a client device. Performance may be inadequate for achieving certain user experience goals, it may be more appropriate to save battery power, or for IP reasons, a designer may decide that the content of the user interface not be delivered to a client machine. In such cases, it should be possible that the UI is rendered on a server in the cloud, forwarding the display to and receiving input from client in a remote location. The client would then use the API (see FIWARE.Epic.MiWi.Synchronization.SceneAPI) to interact with the user interface content on the server and forward input events appropriately (depending on the chosen generic input layer in FIWARE.Epic.MiWi.2D-UI). The solution should use existing streaming techniques or the new Streaming GE currently under discussion in the FI Architecture Board and subject to the same Open Call as this epic. This epic is closely related to the GE FIWARE.Epic.MiWi.DisplayAsAService and an implementation should take both into account.
Rationale Cloud Rendering would fill the gaps in cases where transmitting and rendering a user interface content on a client device is impossible, inconvenient or simply due to not enough hardware resources on the client device in question.
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