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Name Virtual Characters Update Chapter WebUI
Goal Refactor Virtual Character Entity Components to work with new WebTundra codebase. Adding new functionality to existing Virtual Characters including IK-Animation support and physical based animation. Implementing avatar editor web application for easier avatar creation.
Description Upcoming changes in WebTundra will likely break the VirtualCharacter implementation, refactor Mesh, AnimationController and Avatar entity component to work with new WebTundra client.

Inverse kinematic allow more dynamic or game like skeletal animation. e.g. We can use inversed kinematic to calculate leg bone angles order it to land in the correct position on the ground.

Physical based animation feature requires implementation of physics in the web client. Rigid body components are created or attached to the character’s bones to allow physics simulation to drive their motion. They can optionally be network-synchronized to allow the server to simulate the physics based animation authoritatively, but this may require a large amount of bandwidth and should not therefore be used in large or crowded scenes.

Rationale WebTundra code base will likely change when existing WebTundra and WebRocket code are merget together. This will likely break the existing VirtualCharacter code.

Inversed kinematic animation looks more realistic and is simpler to animate.

Physical based animation allow a wide range of physically-simulated animations that do not need to be authored by an artist.

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