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FIWARE.Feature.WebUI.Fives.VirtualWorldPluginSet.DynamicComponents - FIWARE Forge Wiki


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Name DynamicComponents Chapter WebUI
Goal More versatile use of components by allowing dynamic creation of custom components during run-time
Description In the current version of Synchronization, application data which is defined in terms of components needs to be declared in source code and built into the application. This means that in order to extend the data model of an application that uses Synchronization, Synch GE needs to be adapted in its source code and rebuilt, which in particular means that a running synch server needs to be shut down before making adaptions. This feature shall implement a new interface that can be used by clients during run-time to declare new data models, i.e. components, dynamically. The result will be a more flexible and versatile use of the Synchronization GEi FiVES.
Rationale Dynamic declaration of application data allows adaption of the Synchronization layer without the need to stop and re-build the application
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