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FIWARE.Feature.WebUI.XML3D.DataflowProcessing.PriorityBasedLoading - FIWARE Forge Wiki


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Name PriorityBasedLoading Chapter WebUI
Goal Improve asset delivery by loading assets based on specified priority parameters
Description XML3D scenes are composed from a number of different 3D resources, here also referred to as assets. These assets need to be requested and loaded from a remote resource. In large scenes, this leads to a perceivable delay of geometry being loaded. Users should have the possibility to specify which parts of the scene should be loaded with higher priority, i.e. which parts are the most important ones and should appear in the client first.
Rationale In large scenes with many objects and sub-objects, some objects may be more important for the user experience than others (e.g. those perceived first or being important for interaction with the scene) and should thus be loaded first
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