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FIWARE.UserStory.Data.CEP.InOutEventsConnectivity.InboundConnectivity.JSONFormatSupport - FIWARE Forge Wiki


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Name JSON Format Support
Goal Support JSON format for input and output events
Description Allow the Proton adapters to get input events in JSON format and generate output events in JSON format. Add a JSON formatter that takes input event String and transforms it to Proton event instance, and takes Proton event instance and transform it to a String in JSON format. Allow the adapter to use the JSON formatter. This way, when a user defines producer or consumers in the authoring tool, they can specify that the format of the input or output event is JSON.
Version Release 2.0 Source IBM,
Scope Epic Theme
Status Done MoSCoW priority Must Relative priority 3
Chapter Data/Context Management, Enabler CEP
Stakeholder FI-WARE, SafeCity UC Owner CEP, Tali Yatzkar Haham
Complexity L Rationale

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