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FIWARE.UserStory.Data.CEP.InOutEventsConnectivity.InboundConnectivity.RestClientAdapterImplementation - FIWARE Forge Wiki


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Name Rest Client Adapter Implementation
Goal Implement a REST client input and output adapter
Description Implement (1) An input adapter that activates a REST service to read input events (in a pull mode). (2) An output adapter that activates a REST service to send output events (in a push mode). CEP plays as a REST client in both cases
Version Release 1 Source IBM,
Scope Epic FIWARE.Feature.Data.CEP.AdaptersFramework Theme
Status MoSCoW priority SHOULD Relative priority 3
Chapter Data/Context Management, Enabler CEP
Stakeholder FI-WARE Owner CEP, Tali Yatzkar Haham
Complexity M Rationale

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