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How to add a partner to the wiki - FIWARE Forge Wiki

How to add a partner to the wiki

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This page explains in details the steps to add a new partner to the list on the wiki.

The procedure explained here applies to those partners with a row on the table. Those who do not appear on the table will have to ask for one to the wiki administrator or to create it themselves.

Go to the Partner page (https://forge.fi-ware.eu/plugins/mediawiki/wiki/fiware/index.php/Partners)

Now we are going to upload your logo. First click on your logo name. A "Upload file" page will appear.

Do not modify the "Destination filename". Just select your file and click on "Upload file" button. This will make your logo appear in the right column on partners table.

Now go back to your row, column "Participant Organisation Name". Click on the red link with your institution's name. You will get to a blank page where you will add your logo and the description of your organization, together with a link to your website. See the wiki page code of any of the other partners to see how to do it.

Please respect the general layout: Logo - Partner Description (with no subsections) - Website

The code should look like this:

Make sure that you reuse the logo file that you have previously uploaded to the wiki, you do not need to upload it again. The "px" modifier simply scales down the logo to the specified width. Once saved, the final aspect of the partner should look like this example:

Partner Description

Telefonica I+D is the research and development company of the Telefónica Group.

Founded in 1988, its mission is to contribute to the Group´s competitiveness and modernity through technological innovation. To achieve this aim, the company applies new ideas, concepts and practices in addition to developing products and advanced services.

It is one of the first private R&D centres in Spain as regards activity and resources, and is the first company on the continent by number of European research projects in which it participates. The main asset of Telefónica I+D is its staff, which is 97% composed of university graduates from 18 different nationalities.

It currently collaborates with technological leaders and many organizations from 40 countries; among which figure more than 150 universities around the world. It also participates in the most important international forums on technological knowledge of the ICT sector, thus creating one of the largest European innovation ecosystems. Products such as the public phones in the booths currently used by Telefónica (1990), the large fixed and mobile network management systems (1990), data switches (1991), Internet access services (1996), developments for digital homes and connected cars (2000), the prepaid system for mobile phones (2004), interactive a la carte digital television (Imagenio, 2004), new services for television and new business models on the Internet (2006), etc. are some of the many results.

Over the last few years, Telefónica I+D has grown to become a network of centres of technological excellence, extending its R&D activities to offices in Barcelona, Granada, Huesca, Madrid and Valladolid.

Website: http://www.tid.es

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