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How to assign identifiers to FIWARE Backlog entries (convention to follow) - FIWARE Forge Wiki

How to assign identifiers to FIWARE Backlog entries (convention to follow)

From FIWARE Forge Wiki

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The following convention has been defined for identifying entries of FI-WARE related backlogs. Upper- or lower-case letters mind:

  <backlog id>.<category>.<chapter name>[.<Generic Enabler name>].<entry name>


  • <backlog id>::= "FIWARE"
  • <category>::= "Epic" | "Feature" | "Story" | "WorkItem" | "Bug"
  • <chapter name> is the name of the FI-WARE project the backlog entry is associated to. Valid values: "Cloud" | "Data" | "IoT" | "Apps" | "Security" | "I2ND"
  • <Generic Enabler name> is the Generic Enabler (GE) the backlog entry is associated to. If it is an Epic cross to several GEs, names of those GEs are omitted
  • <entry name> is the value of the Name field of the entry, which should be a meaningful acronym.

Despite not mandatory, it is recommended that the entry name adopts in turn the following convention:

 [ascendant entry name.]*entry-name

It unfolds as follows:

  • Epic: FIWARE.Epic.Chapter.Enabler[.EpicId]*.EpicId
    • * means "0 or more times"
  • Feature: FIWARE.Feature.Chapter.Enabler[[.EpicId]*.EpicId].FeatureId
  • User story: FIWARE.Story.Chapter.Enabler[[.EpicId]*.EpicId].FeatureId.StoryId
  • WorkItem: FIWARE.WorkItem.Chapter.Enabler.WorkItemId
  • Reported Bug: FIWARE.Bug.Chapter.Enabler.BugId

which allows to find out what is the Theme, Epic or Feature a given Epic, Feature, User-Story or Work Item is derived from.

Thus, for instance, if we derive two Features "CreateAndDeleteResource" and "ModifyResource" derived from the "BasicManagement" Epic linked to the ResourcesManagement Generic Enabler within the IoT chapter in FI-WARE, we will have the following entries in the FI-WARE Backlog:

  • FIWARE.Epic.IoT.ResourcesManagement.BasicManagement
  • FIWARE.Feature.IoT.ResourcesManagement.BasicManagement.CreateAndDeleteResource
  • FIWARE.Feature.IoT.ResourcesManagement.BasicManagement.ModifyResource

(note: this example is only illustrative and doesn't map to actual entries in the FI-WARE Backlog)

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