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How to inform and advertise webinars of GE - FIWARE Forge Wiki

How to inform and advertise webinars of GE

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Objective: describe the procedure to inform and advertise webinars meant to explain Generic Enabler implementations to the Uses Cases interested


Offer it

  • Step 1 : Declare your webinar sessions by doing an entry at the google doc shared with the uses cases

Google docs: privately communicated within the PPP lists, not suitable for public audiences.

  • Step 2 : Schedule it by providing appropiate dates and times. Pay attention to specifying the time zone properly [1].
  • Step 3 : Provide a hashtag. It has two main roles: a) as identifier for the contact details informed on logistic details page and b) as twitter hashtag to allow questions and answers between the webinar attendees and the GE instructor.

Please, check this hashtag is not used for other purposes on twitter, otherwise it will lead to mixed messages. I recommend using FIWARE as prefix to your hashtag. Example: #FIWARE_blueprint

Example of Enabler entry already scheduled, and with twitter hashtag

  • Step 4 : Provide the conection details at the same doc in the sheet labeled "Logistic details"
Example of Connection details

Advertise it

  • Step 1 : Some days before the webinar day, please, advertise it on twitter by sending a message to FIWARE. We retwitt it.

Please, don't forget your message to include to start with ".@FIWARE", and to include your hashtag. It is important the leading dot before @FIWARE, it allows mass dissemiantion

Please, don't advertise the google docs. It is meant to be kept restricted to direct stakeholders: Uses Cases and FIWARE Platform

Example of advertising the webinar session on FIWARE's twitter

  • Step 2 : When it comes the day your webinar session is scheduled for, it will be marked green, as in the snapshot below:
Webinar scheduled for today

Advertise it again on FIWARE's twitter

Example of advertising the webinar session on FIWARE's twitter

Have the webinar

  • Step 1 : When it comes the time, you start the session. The attendees will use the connection details provided by you at "Offer it - Step 4".

The webinar takes place according to your outline, leadership and content.

  • Step 2 : To easy question-answers exchange during the session, it's forseen to use twitter's hashtag, which connects all stakeholders easily.
Example of using the hashtag

Wrap up

  • Step 1: When you have finished, please, add links to the slides and recording to the shared board (google doc)

Remember FIWARE has a place for uploading content, if you wish to use it. Depending on the nature of the webinar you can make this public or private (please refer to the tutoral How to share documents with the FusionForge docman system).

  • Step 2: Please, update the status of your webinar session by changing its colour to blue, annotaing it as done, and reporting the number of attendees

  • Step 3 : Please, don't forget take a breath and feel well for the good work done
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