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How to join a FIWARE project in FusionForge - FIWARE Forge Wiki

How to join a FIWARE project in FusionForge

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Once you have created a user account you may request to join any of the projects that exist in the FusionForge instance linked to the FI-WARE initiative. It’s up to the Administrators of these projects to decide whether you can join a project. Use Case (UC) projects that follow naming conventions for UC project user accounts will be accepted as members playing the "FI-WARE User" role in the FI-WARE project in FusionForge. Note that while the FI-WARE project in FusionForge is open to any user of FI-WARE (e.g., UC projects in the FI-PPP initiative), the projects linked to the different chapters in FI-WARE will only allow partners of the FI-WARE project to join.

To see the whole list of projects in FusionForge, once you have logged in FusionForge, you may click on the “Projects” tab and then click on “Project List”:

You will then navigate to the following page (only a fragment is displayed here):

To join the FI-WARE project you have to click on the FI-WARE project which shall direct you to the following page. Then you should scroll to the bottom right corner and click on “Request to Join” link.

The Administrators of the project will receive your request by email and will process it as soon as they can. You will receive a notification once your request is accepted. You will find that then you will be listed as “Project member” and will have a proper role assigned to you.

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