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Materializing Advanced User Interfaces in FI-WARE - FIWARE Forge Wiki

Materializing Advanced User Interfaces in FI-WARE

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A new chapter will be defined in FI-WARE, dealing with materialization of Generic Enablers easing development of User Interface for applications.

Advanced Web-based User Interface Generic Enablers

A number of Epics related to Advanced Web-based User interface Generic Enablers will be addressed under the umbrella of a dedicated topic within the 2nd FI-WARE Open Call, leading to identification of a number of Generic Enablers and potential selection of baseline assets contributed by new partners to the FI-WARE consortium.

Many of the existing FI-WARE GEs mostly target server functionality with little and no user interaction. Yet, to become widely visible and adopted by end users, the Future Internet must also offer much improved user experiences as direct and immediate results of the FI activities. A number of Epics have been defined that bring together necessary technologies to make this possible: The objective is to significantly improve the user experience for the Future Internet by adding new input and interaction capabilities, such as interactive 3D graphics, immersive interaction with the real and virtual world (Augmented Reality), virtualizing and thus separating the display from the (mobile) computing device for ubiquitous operations, and more.

The Web is quickly becoming THE user interface technology supported on essentially any (mobile) device while offering advanced rich media capabilities. First devices are now becoming available that use Web technology as the ONLY user interface technology. The Web design and programming environment is well-known to millions of developers that allow quick uptake of new technology, while offering a proven model for continuous and open innovation and improvement. As a result, the following Epics build upon but significantly extends HTML as a user interface technology. It is envisioned that materialization of these Epics needs to be done in collaborations with the standardization bodies in this area.



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