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Materializing FI-WARE Cross-Chapter functions - FIWARE Forge Wiki

Materializing FI-WARE Cross-Chapter functions

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Some functions are common to all or several Technical Chapters in the FI-WARE Architecture. Materialization of these functions requires technical discussion at global level, involving architects of the relevant chapters. The discussion is triggered by first mapping these functions into Epics registered here. These Epics are classified as Global Epics or other Cross-Chapter Epics.

Global Epics

FI-WARE Global Epics typically affect a significant number (if not all) of the GE implementations addressed in several or all chapters in FI-WARE. They relate to global functions that FI-WARE intends to support at global level.

FI-WARE Global Epics are discussed and refined at global level, until they lead to features to be supported by concrete FI-WARE GE implementations at several Chapters. This is the way FI-WARE Global Epics are materialized. These refinement typically involve architects and experts of several if not all FI-WARE Chapters. Note that materialization of a FI-WARE Global Epic may lead to identification of new FI-WARE GEs in the FI-WARE Architecture (therefore identification of new FI-WARE GE implementations to be materialized).

Following is a list of global functions that have been mapped into Global Epics so far:

Other Cross-Chapter Epics

Other Cross-Chapter Epics are defined to initiate technical discussion between two specific chapters on particular topics. They are typically intended to support discussion about whether a given FI-WARE GE, originated in one chapter, can be used in the Architecture of the other chapter. This discussion typically requires involvement of the corresponding FI-WARE Chapters architects.

Following is a list of the Cross-Chapter Epics that have been identified so far:

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