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Middleware Open API Specification - FIWARE Forge Wiki

Middleware Open API Specification

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Introduction to Middleware GE (KIARA) API

FI-WARE Middleware GE, code named KIARA, is a new middleware based on the Data Distribution Service (DDS) specifications, an OMG Standard defining the API and Protocol for high performance publish-subscribe middleware, and eProsima RPC over DDS, an Remote Procedure Call framework using DDS as the transport and based on the ongoing OMG RPC over DDS standard.

Introduction articles for these technologies are provided in the following links:

These technologies rely both in open Specifications for the API and underlying protocols:

Note: OMG RPC over DDS Standard is a work in progress and several companies have submitted their proposals, including eProsima, one of the members of the middleware GE. The API of eProsima RPC over DDS is aligned with the eProsima proposed standard for RPC over DDS.

Intended Audience

This specification is intended for both software developers and reimplementers of this API. For the former, this document provides a full specification of how to use DDS and RPC for DDS (Doxygen API documentation). For the latter, this specification provides a full specification of how to comply with the corresponding OMG Standards.

NO Restful Specification

The middleware GE is not a Restful service, but a set of tools and libraries to interchange data between the different nodes of a distributed system. In the future, the Middleware GE will support Restful as one of the available transports.

API Doxygen Documentation (C/C++)

The APIs for DDS and RPC over DDS are offered in many programming languages depending on the implementation. KIARA supports at this point C/C++ and it will support java in the near future.

The corresponding Doxygen documentation of the APIs is available in the following links:

RPC over DDS

eProsima RPC for DDS API Reference


KIARA supports two different implementations of DDS, RTI DDS and openDDS:

If you need assistance, please contact eProsima Support

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