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OpenEPC API Specification

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Introduction to the Evolved Packet Core APIs

This section describes the Evolved Packet Core (EPC) APIs. The 3GPP Evolved Packet Core (EPC) represents the standard all-IP operator core network architecture specifically designed for the communication requirements of the LTE access and offering IP connectivity convergence for the heterogeneous access networks such as 3GPP e.g. HSPA, UMTS, EDGE, GPRS and non 3GPP e.g. WiMAX, CDMA2000, WiFi being able to interconnect with any available or future wireless technologies including fixed communication. EPC provides for the mobile devices connected to these accesses full convergence at IP connectivity level including the support for identity, authentication and authorization, policy and charging control and mobility management.

For clarification reasons, the access networks (fixed and mobile), the transport network, and the EPC all together for the operator network which is currently very limited in functionality. The scope of this section is to describe the evolution of the API of the network towards the applications and services.

Through the convergence at network level, the EPC is enabling efficient connection of the mobile devices to the network and their communication with the different service platforms such as the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) or the Internet enabling the building of other application level specific or network location specific Generic Enablers, being able to control the resources allocated to the various devices and offering transparent service continuity across the same or different access technologies and by this offering to the service platforms an independent connection over the wireless accesses. From the service platform perspective, EPC manages event oriented policy based access control, resource management and mobility in single carrier grade operator core network together with accounting and charging functionality based on the subscription profile and the active services of the mobile device. These characteristics make EPC the next generation transport level for signaled services suitable for the operator controlled Future Internet communication over heterogeneous access networks.

Along the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Evolved Packet Core, other architectures are available from other standardization organizations such as the NGN architecture from ITU. These architectures exhibit the same functional features as they offer the same type of connectivity support to the devices. However, either their standardization status is still in very early stages or the specific access technologies for which they are developed are not having a global momentum similar to LTE. Therefore, even though the here presented open APIs are suitable and can be directly used for other NGN architectures, their description is developed against the 3GPP EPC architecture.

Evolved Packet Core APIs

As depicted in the figure, the Evolved Packet Core covers a diverse set of interfaces of the S3C enabler. In order to simplify the understanding of these interfaces and of their afferent APIs, they were decomposed into distinct classes exhibiting similar functionality. The description of the APIs is following in independent sections. The following APIs are described:

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