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Procedure to inform failure in SLA - FIWARE Forge Wiki

Procedure to inform failure in SLA

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Every month the FIWARE Lab Management team compute the SLAs for the last period. According to the computed SLA the management team will contact nodes that failed their SLA and notify them (see template in Annex G) about the violation and potential implications. The notification includes the violated SLAs and associated values as computed by the FIWARE Lab Management team. The month time frame has been selected to avoid that one single maintenance day at the beginning of the monitoring, influence too negatively the SLA computation.

Once notified, nodes have one week time to check the claims from the FIWARE Lab Management team, and proof that the SLA failure notification is not justified (e.g. the failure was due to central keystone malfunctioning, or the failure was due to network issues of the monitoring services, …).

The SLA is computed through the monitoring services availability and the HELP-DESK tickets handling, as defined below.

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