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Procedure to publish FIWARE software - FIWARE Forge Wiki

Procedure to publish FIWARE software

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To publish software on FIWARE Lab you need to make sure that you have previously got all the internal approvals and that the associated information and documents are created and available.

A summary of all that is required is expressed in the following figure.


(*) All the GEis are expected to provide Images and blueprint templates with these exceptions:

  • Those that don't need to be deployed on FI-Lab because of their nature (e.g. GEis linked to IoT gateways, the Cloud proxy GEi, the CDI GEi or the advanced middleware GEi, to mention some examples)
  • WireCloud GEi and Business Framework in the Apps chapter
  • GEis in the Cloud Hosting chapter
  • GEis in the Security chapter
  • GEis in the I2ND chapter
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