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FIWARE Ops team is currently deploying a customised version of Rancher 1.6 (https://rancher.com/docs/rancher/v1.6/en/) on top of FIWARE Lab. This tool allows users with a Cloud account in FIWARE Lab to deploy and manage a Docker Swarm cluster on FIWARE Lab. Through which they can deploy their FIWARE applications on the Lab using docker containers. This is a service offered to the users, and as such FIWARE Lab Node Administrators do not have much to do. They only need to be sure that:

  • Their OpenStack APIs are reachable from FIWARE Lab servers (which should be the default case).
  • Provide the configuration of MTU within their node to users interested into using the service (or even installing manually Docker Swarm).

For more details, we recommend you to refer to the documentation of the Rancher set-up within FIWARE Lab: https://github.com/SmartInfrastructures/rancher-setup-notes

FIWARE Rancher tool

Figure 4.5: FIWARE Rancher tool.

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