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Registering your Node in FI-Health - FIWARE Forge Wiki

Registering your Node in FI-Health

From FIWARE Forge Wiki

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Registering a new FIWARE Lab node in the FI-Health tool is a straightforward operation. You only need to provide the following data:

  • Name of the FIWARE Lab node, which should be the same as that provided in the FIWARE Lab Keystone service (Section Connecting your Node to FIWARE Lab).
  • Name of the public external network that it is configured in the FIWARE Lab node.
  • Name of the shared network.
  • If you have installed Object Storage in order to activate those tests.

The best way to proceed with it is creating a FI-Health Issue inside the GitHub project this can be managed inside the code repository.

Once the FI-Health tool executes the tests for the new FIWARE Lab node, you can access the application using your admin account. This admin account will be created in the Connecting your Node to FIWARE Lab phase (see previous section) and will have the format admin-<name of the FIWARE Lab node>. This account gives you the possibility to relaunch the tests if you need to check if some problems was resolved after administrator intervention in the FIWARE Lab node.

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