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Roadmap of Advanced middleware, Interface to Networks and Robotics - FIWARE Forge Wiki

Roadmap of Advanced middleware, Interface to Networks and Robotics

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The Advanced Middleware, Interface to Networks and Robotics (I2ND) chapter in FIWARE originally provided interfaces to run an open and standardised network infrastructure (underlying a network operator control or network virtualisation), an Advanced Middleware which enables flexible, efficient, scalable, and secure communication between distributed applications and to/between FIWARE GEs, and interfaces to easily manage robots within FIWARE. Starting from FIWARE Release 5, the chapter will fully support the Advanced Middleware only, while further development for other GEs will not take place.

You can learn more about the I2ND Chapter by reading the FIWARE Product Vision. The following sections contain a description of the Technical Roadmap planned for the chapter, which will be developed through subsequent releases of the FIWARE Platform.

Sixth Release

Following is a description of the major features that will be supported in sixth major release of FIWARE. These features will be implemented by the Advanced Middleware (Kiara) FIWARE GE implementing the Reference Architecture of the I2ND Chapter.

Advanced Middleware (Kiara)

  • TBD ...

Summary of Supported Features

FI-WARE GE Supported Features Epics under analysis

Advanced Middleware (Kiara)

IMPORTANT NOTE: until Release 3 this GE was under the chapter formerly known as "Advanced Middleware and Web UI " (now called Advanced Web-based UI). From Release 4 on, this GE is managed within this chapter.

Release 6.1

  • TBD ...

Release 6.2

  • TBD ...

Release 6.3

  • TBD ...

Release 6.4

  • TBD ...
  • TBD ...

You can check out the previous releases of this FIWARE chapter on Roadmap of Advanced middleware, Interface to Networks and Robotics(previous releases)

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