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SAFECITY.STORY.DATA/CONTEXT MANAGEMENT/SemanticApplicationSupport.OntologyPriorities - FIWARE Forge Wiki

SAFECITY.STORY.DATA/CONTEXT MANAGEMENT/SemanticApplicationSupport.OntologyPriorities

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Name OntologyPriorities
Goal To determine the most frequent applications of data being preferred by the user, so as to deduce priorities for the delivery of her final output
Description The feature will keep an updated record of changes in ontology engineering realized across the applications being used by the user and will acquire based on logs and search by pattern results, information on the most commonly used semantics. The frequency of each semantic annotation will be translated into variable levels of user preferences and thus priorities.
Version 1.0 Source ARATOS, Myrto Zacharaki
Scope Application Epic Theme
Status MoSCoW priority MST Relative priority
Chapter Data/Context Management, Enabler Semantic Annotation, Semantic Application Support
Stakeholder SafeCity Owner ,
Complexity XL Rationale The feature proposed will keep track of the most commonly used semantic keywords used by applications, processing the user data. These frequencies would imply the application focus of the user and in turn his criteria for evaluating and reviewing information. The feature will then update a list of most common patterns, also be seen as priorities, which can then be accessed by other features and enablers, e.g. QoS, data fusion, etc

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