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SAFECITY.Story.DATA/CONTEXT MANAGEMENT.Data.SemanticApplicationSupport.DataMetadataHandling - FIWARE Forge Wiki

SAFECITY.Story.DATA/CONTEXT MANAGEMENT.Data.SemanticApplicationSupport.DataMetadataHandling

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Name DataMetadataHandling
Goal Management of video data (archived and streams) as well as metadata instances
Description Appropriate editor as well as parsing tools are necessary for creating/updating the above mentioned knowledge models and metadata schemas, such as Protégé for ontologies or the Xerces XML parser for XML‐based metadata, as well as for encoding/decoding, playing back and streaming video data.
Version 1.0 Source Athena, [1]
Scope Platform Epic Theme
Status MoSCoW priority MST Relative priority
Chapter Data/Context Management, Enabler Semantic Application Support
Stakeholder SafeCity Owner ,
Complexity L Rationale

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