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Steps to discontinue a FIWARE Lab node - FIWARE Forge Wiki

Steps to discontinue a FIWARE Lab node

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In order to discontinue the operation of a running FIWARE Lab node there are several activities and obligations to be respected. The most important, which is the base of the FIWARE philosophy, is taking care of the migration of the resources toward a persistent node, in order to avoid service outage.

The table below describes all steps, as they are now at the time of writing this document.

Some steps may change in the near future due to the R6.4 of FIWARE Keyrock that includes the migration from Keyrock to Keystone and the Federation of OpenStack Keystone instances, therefore in short time all the nodes can use their own OpenStack Keystone instance and create use on the FIWARE Lab node.

Table 1.2: Steps to discontinue a FIWARE Lab node

01 Inform the FIWARE Lab management about your decision at least 1 month before the shutdown. Node Admin
02 Inform all FIWARE Lab users about the shutdown via the FIWARE Lab notification tool. FIWARE Lab Admins
03 Take care of the migration of all active users toward a persistent node Node Admin + FIWARE Lab Admins
04 Disconnect the node from centralized Keystone. Node Admin + FIWARE Lab Admins
05 Delete the node from the list of available nodes in JIRA, FLUA, Sanity Check, Infographic, Health Status. FIWARE Lab Admins
06 Delete from the fiware-lab-federation-nodes@lists.fiware.org mail list. FIWARE Lab Admins
07 Delete the node from the weekly meeting agenda/minute FIWARE Lab Admins
08 Ask the node to send a final report/lessons learnt. FIWARE Lab Admins + Node Admin
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