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This page summarizes the available FI-WARE Open Specifications. Specifications labeled as "PRELIMINARY" are considered stable but subject to minor changes that may derived from lessons learned during last interactions of the development of a first reference implementation planned for the current Major Release of FI-WARE. Specifications labeled as "DRAFT" are planned for future Major Releases of FI-WARE but they are provided for the sake of future users.

Please check the respective Legal Notice to understand the rights to use FI-WARE Open Specifications.

FI-WARE Open API Specifications

Following is the list of FI-WARE Open API specifications structured by chapter. RESTful APIs are explicitly identified. You should check the description of Common aspects in FI-WARE Open Restful API Specifications before reading specific details of RESTful API specifications.

Cloud Hosting Chapter

  • Job Scheduler Open RESTful API Specification [DEPRECATED]
  • Edgelets Open API Specification [DEPRECATED]
  • SM Open RESTful API Specification [DEPRECATED]
  • SM Open RESTful Extension API Specification [DEPRECATED]
  • DCRM OCCI Open RESTful API Specification [DEPRECATED]

Data/Context Management Chapter

Internet of Things (IoT) Services Enablement Chapter

For Release 3.1 the following will be supported:

Applications/Services Ecosystem and Delivery Framework Chapter

Security Chapter

Interface to Networks and Devices (I2ND)

Connected Device Interfaces:

Cloud Edge:



Advanced Middleware and Web User Interfaces Chapter

Advanced Middleware:

Advanced Web UI Enablers - Client Core:

Advanced Web UI Enablers - Server Core:

Advanced Web UI Enablers - Supporting Services:

Advanced Web UI Enablers - Application oriented Services:

Other FI-WARE Open Specifications

Applications/Services Ecosystem and Delivery Framework Chapter

Revenue Share Models:


Security Chapter

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