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Summary of FIWARE Open Specifications R4 - FIWARE Forge Wiki

Summary of FIWARE Open Specifications R4

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FIWARE WIKI editorial remark:
This page corresponds with Release 4, please refer to Summary of FIWARE Open Specifications for the current one



This page summarizes the available FIWARE Open Specifications. You can find the previous version under Summary of FIWARE Open Specifications R3

About This Document

FIWARE GE Open Specifications describe the open specifications linked to Generic Enablers GEs of the FIWARE platform (and their corresponding components) being developed in one particular chapter.

GE Open Specifications contain relevant information for users of FIWARE to consume related GE implementations and/or to build compliant products which can work as alternative implementations of GEs developed in FIWARE. The later may even replace a GE implementation developed in FIWARE within a particular FIWARE instance. GE Open Specifications typically include, but not necessarily are limited to, information such as:

  • Description of the scope, behavior and intended use of the GE
  • Terminology, definitions and abbreviations to clarify the meanings of the specification
  • Signature and behavior of operations linked to APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that the GE should export. Signature may be specified in a particular language binding or through a RESTful interface.
  • Description of protocols that support interoperability with other GE or third party products
  • Description of non-functional features

Intended Audience

The document targets interested parties in architecture and API design, implementation and usage of FIWARE Generic Enablers from the FIWARE platform.

FIWARE Open Specifications

Following is the list of FIWARE Open Specifications structured by chapter. If you are looking for a concrete FIWARE GE API Open Specification, you may directly navigate to the Release Summary R4, where you'll find links to them

Cloud Hosting Chapter

Data/Context Management Chapter

Internet of Things (IoT) Services Enablement Chapter



Notes for traceability:

  • For R2 onwards, the former "Backend Things Management GE" has been split into the "Backend ConfMan" and the "Backend IoT Broker" keeping all previous functionalities and interfaces.

Applications/Services Ecosystem and Delivery Framework Chapter

Security Chapter

Advanced Middleware and Interfaces to Networks and Robotics (I2ND) Chapter

Advanced Web User Interfaces Chapter

Advanced Web UI Enablers - Client Core

Advanced Web UI Enablers - Server Core

Advanced Web UI Enablers - Supporting Services

Advanced Web UI Enablers - Application oriented Services

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