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Tools to produce deliverables - FIWARE Forge Wiki

Tools to produce deliverables

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This page is a quick summary of the tools that we have in the FIWARE team to internally produce deliverables. These are internal to the consortium and are not accessible to external actors.

Tool Use & instructions


Tool for parsing a FIWARE API specification file (*.apib) and rendering it to an HTML page or PDF document. We will use this one to handle Open Specs related documents.

A detailed manual is available here

This tool was created by ULPGC

Deliverable "Toaster"

Tool to take a list wiki pages and generate a deliverable from it.

Quick and dirty guide here (Note that this link is private in the forge. If you do not have access plase ask your chapter leader to grant you access to the Private repository on the forge)

This tool was created by Bitergia


This tool renders markdown documents to pdf format

It is available under https://github.com/FiwareULPGC/fiware-markdown-to-pdf

Guide here: https://github.com/FiwareULPGC/fiware-markdown-to-pdf#quick-start-guide-with-docker

This tool was created by ULPGC

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