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D.16.7.2 FIWARE Technical Roadmap R5 Apps front page - FIWARE Forge Wiki

D.16.7.2 FIWARE Technical Roadmap R5 Apps front page

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Private Public Partnership Project (PPP)
Large-scale Integrated Project (IP)


D.16.7.2: FIWARE Technical Roadmap (Apps Chapter)

Project acronym: FI-Core
Project full title: Future Internet Core
Contract No.: 632893
Strategic Objective: FI.ICT-2011.1.7 Technology foundation: Future Internet Core Platform
Project Document Number: ICT-2013-FI-632893-16-D.16.7.2
Project Document Date: 10.12.2015
Deliverable Type and Security: Public
Author: Monica Franceschini(E-IIS), Alessandro Portosa(E-IIS)
Contributors: Davide Zerbetto (E-IIS), Álvaro Arranz (UPM), Francisco de la Vega (UPM), Javier Soriano (UPM), Aitor Magan (UPM)

Executive Summary

This document describes the roadmap of the features that FIWARE Apps chapter will deliver in the future, giving a detailed account of the schedule for the minor releases of Release 5.

A clear table shows the releases & sprints mapping them to calendar dates in the whole history of the platform until the end of Release 5 (September 2016). This technical chapter provides its internal roadmap for Release 5 in relation with this table.

The present document is a periodic issue that contains a snapshot of the state of the roadmap of the Apps chapter. The agile methodology implies a constant evolution of the roadmap and FIWARE strives to keep it up to date, accurately showing the results that will deliver in coming releases.

About This Document

The FIWARE Apps chapter supports the creation of an ecosystem of applications, services and data that is sustainable and fosters innovation as well as cross-fertilization. It provides the infrastructure that will enable to provision, compose, and consume services in the Future Internet.

The FIWARE Apps Chapter's technical roadmap supplies information about what the different major releases of the Apps chapter will develop. Releases are composed of features associated with overall epics. An epic captures a large body of work. It is essentially a large user story that can be broken down into a number of smaller stories. A feature may have a few related stories.

This document supplies the Release 5 roadmap including a description of the features and epics associated with the release.

Intended Audience

The document targets those interested in the intended direction of FIWARE's Apps Chapter.

Structure of this Document

The document is generated out of a set of documents provided in the public FIWARE wiki. For the current version of the documents, please visit the public wiki at http://wiki.fiware.org/

The following resources were used to generate this document:

FIWARE Technical Roadmap
Releases and Sprints numbering, with mapping to calendar dates

Application Mashup (Wirecloud)

Data Visualization (SpagoBI)

Business API Ecosystem

The present document has been created from the wiki using automated tools and part of the links may not work. You may occasionally find oddities in the text format that side effects of the process but they do not deter the quality of the technical contents.

Keyword list

FIWARE, FI-Core, Roadmap, Generic Enabler, Applications/Services and Data Delivery, Data Visualization, Application Mashup, Business API Ecosystem.

Changes History

Release Major changes description Date Editor
v1 Initial version of the deliverable 2015-12-10 E-IIS, UPM

Table of Contents

FIWARE WIKI editorial remark:
In the final deliverable, somebody would include the TOC here
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