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D.2.4.2b FI-WARE Technical Roadmap front page - FIWARE Forge Wiki

D.2.4.2b FI-WARE Technical Roadmap front page

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Large-scale Integrated Project (IP)


D.2.4.2b: FI-WARE Technical Roadmap (extra issue)

Project acronym: FI-WARE
Project full title: Future Internet Core Platform
Contract No.: 285248
Strategic Objective: FI.ICT-2011.1.7 Technology foundation: Future Internet Core Platform
Project Document Number: ICT-2011-FI-285248-WP2-D.2.4.2b
Project Document Date: 2013-05-28
Deliverable Type and Security: Public
Author: FI-WARE Consortium
Contributors: FI-WARE Consortium

Executive Summary

This document describes the Roadmap of the functionalities that FI-WARE will deliver in the future, giving a detailed account of the schedule for the minor releases of Release 2 and providing a higher level picture of what will be release in the context of later releases (Release 3)

A clear table shows the releases & sprints mapping them to calendar dates. Each one of the technical chapters provides their internal roadmap in relation with this table and also there are a set of cross-chapter epics that deal with more than one technical area.

The present document is an extra issue that contains a snapshot of the state of the roadmap on 28/May/2013. The agile methodology implies a constant evolution of the roadmap and FI-WARE strives to keep it up to date, accurately showing the results that will deliver in coming releases.

Structure of this Document

The document is generated out of a set of documents provided in the public FI-WARE wiki. For the current version of the documents, please visit the public wiki at http://wiki.fi-ware.eu/

The following resources were used to generate this document:

D.2.4.2b FI-WARE Technical Roadmap front page
FI-WARE Technical Roadmap
Releases and Sprints numbering, with mapping to calendar dates
Roadmap of Global FI-WARE functions
Roadmap of Cloud Hosting
Roadmap of Data/Context Management
Roadmap of Internet of Things (IoT) Services
Roadmap of Applications/Services Ecosystem and Delivery Framework
Roadmap of Security
Roadmap of Interface to Networks and Devices
Roadmap of Developers Community and Tools

Typographical Conventions

Starting with October 2012 the FI-WARE project improved the quality and streamlined the submission process for deliverables, generated out of our wikis. The project is currently working on the migration of as many deliverables as possible towards the new system.

This document is rendered with semi-automatic scripts out of a MediaWiki system operated by the FI-WARE consortium.

Links within this document

The links within this document point towards the wiki where the content was rendered from. You can browse these links in order to find the "current" status of the particular content.

Due to technical reasons part of the links contained in the deliverables generated from wiki pages cannot be rendered to fully working links. This happens for instance when a wiki page references a section within the same wiki page (but there are other cases). In such scenarios we preserve a link for readability purposes but this points to an explanatory page, not the original target page.

In such cases where you find links that do not actually point to the original location, we encourage you to visit the source pages to get all the source information in its original form. Most of the links are however correct and this impacts a small fraction of those in our deliverables.


Figures are mainly inserted within the wiki as the following one:


Only if the wiki-page uses this format, the related caption is applied on the printed document. As currently this format is not used consistently within the wiki, please understand that the rendered pages have different caption layouts and different caption formats in general. Due to technical reasons the caption can't be numbered automatically.

Sample software code

Sample API-calls may be inserted like the following one.



The current document has been elaborated using a number of collaborative tools, with the participation of Working Package Leaders and Architects as well as those partners in their teams they have decided to involve.

Changes History

Release Major changes description Date Editor
v1 Version ready for submission 2013-05-28 TID

Table of Contents

FIWARE WIKI editorial remark:
In the final deliverable, somebody would include the TOC here
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