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FIWARE Lab Nodes Handbook - FIWARE Forge Wiki

FIWARE Lab Nodes Handbook

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This page contains general information on the set-up and operation of FIWARE Lab Nodes.


How to setup a FIWARE Lab Node

Dear FIWARE Lab partner,

as a new node of the FIWARE Lab federation, you will increase the capacity of our current facilities and provide the FIWARE services to the users. In the same way, the FIWARE Lab node will take the benefits of the knowledge that the FIWARE community has acquired in the management of this environment. In this guide, you can find the main steps to join the FIWARE Lab federation.


The hardware requirements are associated with the number of end-users (community users) that can be maintained in the node. The minimum number of those customers have to be 20. Based on this, the hardware and networks requirements are specified in the following sections.

Process for joining FIWARE Lab

Policies definition

Operating and Maintaining a FIWARE Lab Node

In this section, we include the different tools and procedures that can be used in order to operate your FIWARE Lab node and try to resolve or find any possible problem on it. Those tools are used to monitor FIWARE Lab usage and availability as well as provide statistics and evidences of FIWARE Lab activities. Last but not least, we introduce the tool that we use to get the status of the Sprint Planning and Backlog status of your node.

Management operations on a FIWARE Lab node

Overview of FIWARE Lab node coordination and support

This section offers an overview of:

  1. FIWARE Lab coordination and support procedures (including community accounts management, adopted tools, and Help Desk procedures);
  2. statistics related to overall resources and usage of FIWARE Lab;
  3. a log of General Events (e.g. failures, maintenance) pertaining to the overall FIWARE Lab.

Service Level Agreement

In this section, we describe the Service Level Agreement offered by the FIWARE Lab nodes, what is the procedure to notify node owners about a SLA breach and what should be the procedure to notify that a node is discontinued from the FIWARE Lab. All SLAs have been defined in a measurable way and based on measurable threshold to make the SLA breach detection as objective as possible.

Additional Documentation

  • FIWARE Mundus released a white paper with a summary of knowledge related to Joining FIWARE Lab. The White paper includes an analysis of CAPEX and OPEX. You can find the last updated version here.
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