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FIWARE's technical roadmap brings information about what the different major releases of FIWARE will bring and when they will be available on FIWARE Lab. For each of the FIWARE chapters and for every generic enabler, the list of features available for the particular release is linked within the following pages. You can explore which release number the particular features are currently scheduled for and contact the affiliated responsible persons in charge if you need more details.

The first version of the FIWARE platform was made available on the FIWARE Testbed during 3Q2012 for experiments by the use case projects within the FI-PPP program. The overall goal for this first Release was to provide a sufficiently complete set of FIWARE GEs which Use Case Projects selected in the first phase of the FI-PPP program could test and use in their proof of concepts. The second release of FIWARE is focused on integration (both inside and across chapters) as well as evolution of FIWARE GEs based on feedback from target Users (both Use Case Projects selected in the first phase of the FI-PPP or other stakeholders like current/target customers of FIWARE partners). The third release is focused on consolidation of the platform and packaging.

The fourth and fifth releases were delivered by a new set of partners (many of them already present in releases 1,2 and 3) and will bring a reorganization of the map of GEs. These GEs will continue building the core platform ensuring that the results are open and royalty free.

Once the development of a given minor release of FIWARE is finished, it can be made available on FIWARE Lab, typically by the end of the following month. Updates of all FIWARE GEs on FIWARE Lab will be planned after each major release completion. Nevertheless, updates of FIWARE Lab may be decided on a more frequent basis at FIWARE GE level, i.e., the following month after completion of some Sprint. Please check the Releases and Sprints numbering, with mapping to calendar dates for further information.

FIWARE's Technical Roadmap is broken into 7 partial roadmaps, one per FIWARE Technical Chapter:

The Developers Community and Tools chapter has changed their focus and they do not produce GEs as such anymore. We keep their past roadmap as it was at the end of 2014 for future reference:

Important Note: it is important to mention that most (if not all) of the Generic Enabler implementations are based on existing baseline assets (open source or proprietary), actively developed and promoted by the corresponding companies. Each company has done internal analysis of requirements and priorities for each of the technologies, based on their business needs and the needs of their customers. The goal of FIWARE is to develop these assets even further, to integrate them together to form a coherent platform, and to offer them to the FI-PPP ecosystem, for the benefit of the community. This roadmap reflects this approach.

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