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Helpdesk Management

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This page contains general information on the organization of FIWARE Lab Nodes, Help Desk facilities and FIWARE Lab Nodes SLA agreement.

FIWARE Lab Nodes organizational structure

Each FIWARE Lab node follows the organizational structure defined hereunder:

  • Node Manager: the main contact for the node and the person in charge of decision on how to apply the FIWARE Lab policies and procedures in the node.
  • System Administrator: the person in charge for the physical set-up of servers, the installation of server management software and its configuration.
  • Network Administrator: the person in charge for the physical set-up of network (internal and external access), the installation of network management software and its configuration.
  • Node Help Desk: the team in charge for the support of user requests specific to a node. It provides Level 2 support for the Node and GEis. Level 3 is demanded to System Administrators or Network Administrators in case of infrastructure issue, to respective owners in case of GEris or FIWARE Ops tools.

FIWARE Lab Help Desk structure

FIWARE Lab Help Desk structure is defined hereunder:

  • Level 1 Help Desk: the team in charge to filter tickets incoming to the shared facility.
  • Node Help Desk: the persons in charge for the support of user requests specific to a node. These persons provide Level 2 support for the node. Level 3 support is provided by system or network administrators if need be, in case of more complex issues.
  • Software Component Support: the person in charge of providing the support for a specific GE.

Level 1 Help Desk: Initial contact point for all incoming tickets that are not directly assigned to a node, FIWARE Ops tool or GE. Providing support to general issues that can be easily solved by pointing out to FAQ, stack overflow groups or other documentation. Contribute to the creation/update of FAQ by handling generic requests by users. Forwarding requests that cannot be answered by Level 1 to the proper Level 2 team. Routing general requests - not of technical nature or not related to FIWARE Lab - to the proper contact point.

Level 1 Help Desk Shifts per month:
week1 week2 week3 week4
MON Daniele Alfonso Marco Giuseppe
TUE Giuseppe Daniele Alfonso Marco
WED Marco Giuseppe Daniele Alfonso
THU Giuseppe Daniele Alfonso Marco
FRI Alfonso Marco Giuseppe Daniele
  • Alfonso = Engineering Ingegneria Informatica
  • Daniele, Giuseppe = CREATE-NET
  • Marco = Telecom Italia

Level 1 Help Desk operations hours are Mon - Fri from 9:00 - 17:00 CET. The person on duty on a respective day is responsible for handling all tickets that arrived from 17:00 on the day before until 17:00 on the current day. During this period all new tickets that arrived for [Fiware-lab-help] should be processed, i.e. scanned and assigned to the person who should take care of the ticket. At the end of the day (i.e. 17:00) there should be no tickets remaining in status ""unassigned""." It is acceptable to take tickets outside of this time window if someone voluntarily decides to do so, i.e. when the person is officially not on duty.

Node Help Desk: The node Help Desk is in charge of handling developer requests that are specific to a node. This team provides Level 2 support for the node. The node Help Desk consists of representatives from all nodes that have joined the federation. In case of infrastructure issues that cannot be solved by the level 2 Help Desk, requests will be forwarded by the level 2 Help Desk to the level 3 support, provided by system and network administrators, as well as the responsible developers for each respective GE.

Software Component Support: This support role is in charge of providing the support for a specific GE that has been developed by FIWARE project partners. Support is provided by the GE owner. Incoming tickets will be routed directly to the GE owner whenever possible, or forwarded by Level 1 / 2 Help Desk in case an automated assignment to Level 3 was not made.

FIWARE Lab Nodes SLA agreement

FIWARE Lab Nodes SLA agreement is defined hereunder:

  • FIWARE Lab services availability on the node above 95% threshold.
  • Level 1 and Level 2 support, Mon to Fri, 9 am to 5 pm CET.
  • Ticket response time before EOB of the following work day for 95% of requests.
  • Ticket resolution time within 2 work days (EOB of the second one) for 95% of requests. Tickets transferred and accepted by level 3 support as tickets that will require a software patch or workaround to be developed by the level 3 support team will be considered resolved at level 1 and 2 support levels.

Failure to meet the proposed SLAs during execution of the project may lead to adjustments in the financial contributions to be provided to the new beneficiary to the extent that, in the worst case, the organisation may be dropped out as beneficiary of FI-Core and the financial contributions can be stopped. This will be definitively the case if for a period of 2 consecutive weeks the node is not operational.

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