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Three simple steps to learn about FI-WARE capabilities for You

There is a lot of information available about FI-WARE on the FI-WARE wiki, website and catalogue. This page intends to provide a guided tour through the essential information that may help you to get started with FI-WARE.

Step 1: Basic Vision and Mission layed out

First of all, we recommend that you start reading the Overall FI-WARE Vision since it will introduce some basic concepts to you that are general to FI-WARE and will be constantly referred in many other places. Some basic concepts such as Generic Enabler (GE), FI-WARE Generic Enabler implementation, FI-WARE Generic Enabler Implementation Instance, FI-WARE Instance, FI-WARE Testbed or FI-WARE Open Innovation Lab are defined with precision there.

Step 2: The FIWARE Tour Guide for developers

The FIWARE Tour Guide for developers is the best way to start understanding what FIWARE can bring you as a developer. We recommend visiting this tour guide before diving deep into the architecture description and specifications of FIWARE Technical Chapters.

Step 3: The Technical Chapters

After this very first step, we recommend that you take a first overview of each of the Technical Chapters defined in FI-WARE. You may visit the Overview sections linked to each of the FI-WARE Technical Chapters in the FI-WARE Product Vision for this purpose:

Step 4: How it is all implemented

Touching some ground, therefore going from the very abstract definition to the concrete implementation of the main concepts introduced in the Overall FI-WARE Vision, could probably a good idea as a next step. Therefore, we recommend that you take a look at the FI-WARE Catalogue where you will find a comprehensive description of the implementations of the FI-WARE GEs that have been delivered as part of the First Release of FI-WARE for each of the its Technical Chapters. Note that you may also find information there about instances of FI-WARE GE implementations available on the FI-WARE Testbed (usage of the FI-WARE Testbed is currently limited to UC projects in the first phase of the FI-PPP, but will be opened to other parties as part of the FI-WARE Open Innovation Lab build after completion of the second FI-WARE Release):

Background Information

Timing and Project Planning Information

FI-WARE is being materialized using an Agile approach and you may be interested to learn how we are applying Agile concepts in FIWARE but, if you are familiar with Agile, probably it is enough for you to know that:

  • There is a Product Backlog defined per GE with Themes, Epics, Features and User-stories (you can explore defined Epics/Features at the Materializing the FI-WARE Vision section of this wiki)
  • Development within FI-WARE is organized through:

Frequent updates of the FI-WARE Testbed are planned after the First Release:

  • Decided per FI-WARE GE, after completion of a Sprint or Minor Release
  • Guaranteed for all FI-WARE GEs, after completion of a Major Release

You can review the FI-WARE Technical Roadmap to learn what is being planned for each of the three first Major Releases of FI-WARE.

FI-WARE Open Calls

The FI-WARE project has reserved a portion of the project budget to fund specific tasks to be carried out by a new beneficiary or beneficiaries which will join the consortium after start of the project. These later-joining beneficiaries are selected by means of a series of competitive Open Calls.

Specific information relevant for Use Case (UC) Trial projects in Phase 2

FAQ Page

We have prepared a FI-WARE FAQ page where you will find the answers to the most common questions that we are asked so far.

Mailing list

If you are not able to find the answer to your questions, you can use the mailing list fiware-help@lists.fi-ware.eu to get further information. Answers to your questions may become part of future versions of the FI-WARE FAQ.

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