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This wiki complements the general FIWARE landing page at www.fiware.org by providing information about:

FIWARE Lab resources

Information about activities of the FIWARE Lab Chapter

Setup and operate a FIWARE Lab node with the help of OPS Tools:


You have a number of contact mailboxes with dedicated teams that will be happy to provide answers to your questions. Please make sure that there is not a specific one for your query/support request before using the general mailbox, you will have a faster reply. The pointers to these channels are listed under the Contact page on our official website.

We also have our Q&A platform (ask.fiware.org)that is bit by bit creating a knowledge base

We are also happy to assist you face to face at each event ;)

FIWARE Community Handbook

The project Handbook comprises useful information that may answer upfront many of the questions FIWARE users and developers may have. Please check information here before asking via our e-mail support channels(http://www.fiware.org/contact-us/) or opening thread on our Q&A web (http://ask.fiware.org).

About Agile in FIWARE

Common Handbook for the FIWARE team

Handbook for external users

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