Release Name: 2.3


Update to R2.2 minor bug correction. The cloud edge is now a DHCP server Added a zeroconf/bonjour discovery protocol


CloudProxy-2.3 - Fix issue on instance reboot action - Add network virtualization (each VM with its own IP address) : - integrate a DHCP server on Cloud Proxy, manage network virtualization on the Cloud Proxy - update Virtual Machine examples (IP address on LAN is get by running a DHCP client) - add zeroconf/bonjour feature for Cloud Proxy discovering - add reset action on platform in order to reinitialize the Cloud Proxy (clean database, remove all Virtual Machines) CloudProxy-2.2 - Virtual Machine examples : HTTP web server, SSH server, Samba NAS server, Webcam image grabber, DLNA server - initial Cloud Proxy platform release

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