Release Name: 3.2.1


This is mainly a maintenance release fixing some bugs, no new
NGSI functionality has been added since 0.8.0. However, maybe 
you find interesting the script added to 
the RPM package and the statistics exposed in the REST 
endpoint /statistics.


Changelog regarding 0.8.0

- First version released as open source
- ADD script
- ADD statistics as a REST service
- ADD compilation information in REST version message
- REMOVE -reset from contextBroker invocation (too dangerous!)
- FIX licence text on --version, to use AGPLv3
- FIX problems with discoverContextAvailability when "type" and "id" is swapped in DB (spotted in Santander hackathon)
- FIX memory leaks
- FIX libmricohttp-devel dependency not needed for runtime
- FIX crash with ONTIMEINTERVAL subscriptions (issue #9)
- Starting the work in JSON rendering, not yet finished
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