Release Name: 3.3.1


Mainentance release. No new functionality.


- Added: tracelevels for input/output for notifications and registrations forwarding
- Added: creDate attribute now also for attributes in mongodb
- Fixed: race-condition in HTTP client code, affecting mainly the sending of notifications (closes issue #13)
- Fixed: modDate is now set for entities and attributes at creation time
- Fixed: added the missing comma for the ContextRegistration vector at rendering registerContextRequest
- Fixed: registrationId is now mandatory for registerContextResponse
- Fixed: correct rendering of ContextRegistrationAttribute (its metadata XML tag was incorrect)
- Fixed: duration no longer returned in response payloads if the incoming duration was invalid
- Fixed: better RegisterProviderRequest validity check. This fix improves the error responses for ngsi9 convenience operations
- Fixed: bug regarding the 'default' value of 'subscriptionId'. Before this PR, in the case of an undefined subscriptionId, the string 'No SubscriptionId' was used.
- Fixed: orionError responses now correctly rendered (the top-level '{' and '}' were missing)
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