Release Name: 3.3.2


See the updated manuals (specially the remarks labelled with 0.10.0) at:



Changes since 0.10.0 (FI-WARE 3.3.2):

- Fix: concurrently bug in ONTIMEINTERVAL threads running with the same clock frecuency and phase
- Fix: some problems in the previous solution to issue #208

Changes since 0.9.1 (FI-WARE 3.3.1):

- Added: IPv6 support (By default, both IPv4 and IPv6 are activated - the new command line options '-ipv4' and '-ipv6' make the broker activate only one of them)
- Added: JSON support for all implemented convenience operations
- Fixed: Concurrency problem for JSON parser is solved
- Fixed: Bug that prevented the use of UpdateContextRequest in JSON with DELETE as action (closes #224)
- Fixed: Expiration times are now 64-bit integers (there was a previous problem with overflow) (closes #208)
- Fixed: Bug that incorrectly allowed using an object within an object instead of an object in an array (closes #223)
- Fixed: Fixed bug that displayed the tag "contextValue" instead of "value" in some instances for Javascript rendering (closes #219)
- Fixed: Removed subscriptionId from SubscribeContextAvailability
- Fixed: XML tag names for scope rendering ('scopeType'/'scopeValue' instead of 'type'/'value')
- Fixed: Changed "0" for "000000000000000000000000" in subscriptionId
- Fixed: Removed some spaces from XML tags (E.g. 'verbose level' => 'verboseLevel')
- Fixed: Stripped 'reference' of whitespace
- Fixed: Added an empty contextAttributeList for ContextAttributeResponseVector inside IndividualContextEntityAttributes (/ngsi10/contextEntities/{EID}/attributes) as the XSD demands it
- Fixed: Possible future error for JSON rendering of UpdateContextAvailabilitySubscriptionRequest
- Fixed: The reasonPhrase in statusCode/errorCode and OrionError is now 100% tied to the 'code'
- Fixed: OrionError now also with 'reasonPhrase' following 'code'
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