Release Name: 3.3.3


See the updated manuals (specially the remarks labelled with 0.11.0) at:



Changes since 0.10.1 (FI-WARE 3.3.3):

- Add: "geo" queries functionality.
- Add: attribute values can now be not only simple strings but compound expressions with vectors and key-maps
- Add: It is now possible to delete entities using updateContext DELETE with empty attributes list
- Fix: Fixed convenience operation "DELETE /ngsi10/contextEntities/{EntityID}" (partially fixes issue #225)
- Fix: The CLI options now coincide with the documentation.
- Fix: Introduced a second semaphore level as additional security measure to ensure all MongoDB driver invocations run in thread-safe mode.
- Fix: Convenience operations now correctly parse context values. (Bug #219)
- Add: It is now possible to update attribute values using a convenience operation without using metadatas.
- Fix: StatusCode is now correctly rendered in JSON when sent as a standalone message (partially fixes issue #225)
- Fix: Fixed a bug about incoming buffer pollution.
- Fix: Some unknown incoming URLs were not responded to. Now they are. (Bug #277)
- Fix: Now the operations GET, POST and PUT work properly with convenience operations over valueID's.
- Fix: JSON/XML Payload parsing that ended in parse error had a bug resulting in a possible memory leak.
- Fix: Convenience operation GET with non-existent valueIDs is now handled correctly.
- Fix: Stronger checking of XML/JSON payload request conformance: not only mandatory elements are checked,
       but also now a parse error is returned if the client tries to use an unrecognized element in any part of the payload.
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