Release Name: 3.3.3


candidate for 1.0 release. highlights since the previous push to master & fiware3.2 tag:

view: fixed bug with orientations, euler order was not correct in tundra server data -> three scene putting

scene: client side implementations of the new realxtend scene entity hierarchy & custom component systems

view: interpolation of placeable views in between network messages, with same logic as in native tundra

avatar system, attaching meshes to bones etc & three.js animation system improvements

support for client side physics by separate apps (a bugfix to rigidbody sync at least)

three.js JSON scene support with support for DDS as well

glTF loader & integration

support for embedding xml3d to the main html document

examples for all these features and unit tests for some of them

WebTundra namespace to not leak the SDK to global scope


all new commits for this release are visible at:
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