Release Name: 3.4.1


See the updated manuals (specially the remarks labelled with 0.12.0) at:



Changes since 0.11.0 (FI-WARE 3.4.1):

- Add:  The broker now supports https, see CLI options '-https', '-cert' and '-key'
- Add:  New command line option '--silent', to suppress all log messages except errors. (Issue #291)
- Fix:  All responses with StatusCode now have the 'reasonPhrase' in accordance with the 'code' (Issue 242).
- Fix:  Every Context Element gets its corresponding Context Element Response when processing updateContext operations
        (previous version was interrupted in the middle if the processing if one Context Element resulted in error).
- Fix:  Requests with unacceptable Content-Type (HTTP header) get a "415 Unsupported Media Type" and a descriptive payload 'orionError'.
        Requests with unsupported 'Accept' format (HTTP header) get a "406 Not Acceptable" and a descriptive payload 'orionError'.
        Requests with "both 415 and 406" get a "415 Unsupported Media Type" and a descriptive payload 'orionError' in XML. (Issue #48)
- Fix:  The broker now performs retries when connecting to mongodb at startup. (Issue #308)
- Fix:  Responses containing context attributes with *compound values* AND metadata is now correctly rendered (Issue #323).
- Fix:  Now it is possible to have 'not in use' as a valid context value.
- Fix:  The ISO8601 parser has been improved. (Issue #231)
- Fix:  An important bug in the log trace library has been fixed. This fix *may* solve 'strange errors' (Issue #313)
- Fix:  Fixed a bug about empty context attribute values, probably introduced when compound values were invented (release 0.11.0).
- Fix:  Fixed the bug for failing long requests (Issue #333)
- Fix:  Changed the string for associations from 'Include Assciations' to 'IncludeAssociations' (small part of issue #334)
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